SIMA After Sales is at your disposal offering a wide range of services to the satisfaction of Your requirements, covering the shelf- life of our machines, with a customer-oriented attitude.

Our “experts team” is composed by skilled technicians, who are giving a quick and precise support, both for mechanical and electrical problems.


Our Technical Department’s staff is composed by engineers directly in contact with the Planning Department, in order to give a prompt and effective answer.  Furthermore, we have local technicians in some countries trained and  co-ordinated by SIMA’s headquarter able to give a valid and quick support to the customers.
Rapid  answers to any request, also on products supplied years ago


SIMA extrusion lines are conceived to allow, if requested, the remote supervision of the parameters of the running line thanks to a simple data connection, thus allowing an immediate and effective help.
For additional info, please contact our service dept.


Together with our machines, we always supply the list of the mechanical parts, as part of the technical documentation. The spare parts manual has the purpose to facilitate the identification of the spare parts to be ordered upon request.
An efficient “staff team” able to speak most of the European languages, is able to satisfy all requirements coming from all around the world.
Upon request, the SERVICE Department can provide a list of the spare parts suggested for a two-years period, specific for each machine type.


A new and efficient laboratory is at customers’ disposal to carry out quality tests on the products obtained at equipment acceptance.

Tests of tenacity, viscosity, resistance to load and many others can be obtained in an  environment with controlled temperature and damp, in order to certify the performances of our machines from the first start-up.

Furthermore, our laboratory is at customers’ disposal, in case they wish to carry out specific tests.


Our R&D engineers can give a valid support for the quick and effective integration of our extrusion line in customer’s production line.


A characteristic that has always been a distinguishing mark of SIMA is the carrying out of complete test of the equipment at our premises before sending the same to our customers.

This enables us to check our machines in all their parts, to carry out tests of production with materials of the customers therefore avoiding  delays during the final installation at customer’s premises.


The experience, the knowledges, the skillfulness and the know-how of SIMA staff enable us to realize  “taylor-made” solutions strictly cooperating with our customers.

We are able to give whole “turnkey” production projects supplying all necessary equipment, from raw material treatments to extrusion lines, up to the take-up and final packaging.


All our machines are supplied with a complete documentation.

The documentation includes the operative manual, the instructions for the correct operation and maintenance of the machines, the wiring diagrams, including the  PLC list and the I/O chart, as well as  the additional equipment and the mechanical charts for the correct identification of the spare parts.