Extrusion Lines

SIMA extrusion line division has the solution for the production of thermoplastic fiber monofilament and tape for a wide range of technical industrial application:

  • PP and PET for strapping tape;
  • PP for fibrillated tape for (baler) twin/rope and geotextile;
  • LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PA for artificial grass monofilament and fibrillated tape;
  • PP and composite polyolefin for concrete macrofiber and twisted raffia;
  • PP, HDPE, PA and PET high tenacity monofilament for twine/rope, nets, and industrial fields;
  • PET, PBT, PP, PA6-PA6.6, PS, SAN, .. , for brush industry;
  • Recycled, special and new thermoplastic bio degradable polymers for dedicated fields;

SIMA line is a combination of reliability, efficiency and flexibility for the best product and service based on 50 years of experience in plastic extrusion industry.

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Extrusion line for strapping tape for packaging.

Extrusion line for composite strap for dedicated packaging needs.

Extrusion line for artificial grass fibrillated tape, mono, bico.

Monofilament line for agriculture, marine and industrial fields.

Extrusion line for ultra high tenacity HDPE monofilament.

Extrusion line for fibrillated tape for twine and rope.

Monofilament extrusion brush line for house hold, personal care and industrial application.

Automatic Winder-Wrapper-Bundle Cutting Machine.

Continuous Cutting Machine.