SIMA GS2012-FE is the new two-for-one twister-winder technology for the production of twisted yarn and twine using natural and/or synthetic fibers in the range from 5.000 to 120.000 deniers taken up on precision cross (or parallel) spool up to Ø300[mm] X h.300[mm].

GS2012-FE main characteristics are:

  • Compact and ergonomic design for internal take up bobbin extraction by manual or automatic operation;
  • 10” LCD control panel for ALL parameters setting and check (NO kit of pulley, belt and wheel are needed);
  • No. 5 AC servo motors: feeding unit, main capstan, flyers, mandrel and screw box; with energy saving system, blue tooth technology drive and optimal use of power according with production needs;
  • Carbon fiber technology and dedicated screw box for high speed operation;
  • Take up spindle for bobbin with and without tube;
  • Meter counter for automatic stop at pre-set length;
  • Yarn break detection device;
  • Internal lightening and ventilation system;


GS2012-FE has been studied for all customer operating in both industrial twisted yarn/rope and baler twine applications.
Thanks to full electric motion and control, GS2012-FE can guarantee final product quality and fast, clean and cheap machine set up.

Final Product characteristics:

  • Yarn range (PP): 5.000 ÷ 120.000[denier];
  • Twist direction: S and Z; set by operator panel;
  • Range of twist: from 0 up to 180[twist/mt.]; set by operator panel
  • Bobbin max weight: 10,5[kg] – PP based;
  • Take up spool range dimension: Ø150[mm] x h150[mm] ÷ Ø300[mm] x h300[mm];


GS2012-FE means flexibility in operation, high speed process, precision in yarn handling, customized recipe for each product.

Production range and options:

  • Production of twisted rope and yarn from Ø2[mm] up to Ø5,5[mm];
  • Cabling pre-twisted yarn from external creel (in feed tool set available);
  • In line extrusion application through accumulator AC-E;
  • Push off spindle for tubeless bobbin;
  • Precision cross or parallel winding package through panel setting;


GS2012-FE has updated the two for one twister concept: mechanical frame vibration free design, cradle housing 3 AC motors driven by a blue tooth system signal – Wi-Fi transmission.

The advantages:

  • Twist range set from operator panel;
  • S or Z twist direction set from operator panel;
  • Winding pitch and winding ratio set by operator panel allowing a perfect positioning of the yarn on customer need;
  • Winding and balloon tension controlled by operator panel through motors synchronization;
  • Production data available at glance on control panel;
  • Energy saving through in feed and internal capstan synchronization;
  • Safe and easy maintenance also through tele-service facility


GS2012-FE has fast set up and easy and clean operator interface thanks to:

  • No kit of pulley, belt and wheel are any more needed;
  • No oil distribution system needed;
  • All parameters can be set and changed by touch screen panel;
  • Easier customization for special fiber yarn controlling tension and torque as per process requirement;
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to better use of electrical power;
  • Precision cross or parallel winding package through panel settings.


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